Bad living conditions

Dogs and Cats in Asia are being confined in small pens. Often they get tied up, are living under barbaric circumstances and get a congener for food. They are being hit and kicked. Every description of the bad living conditions these animals are in falls short to what is happening to them. In China for instance dogs and cats are bred in the North Eastern part of the country, because the temperatures over there get extreme low. The cold gives the dogs a good undercoat and makes a good quality fur...

Dog and cat fur

Fur Golden Retriever

Dog and cat fur

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We need volunteers

If you would like to actively help us, then contact our campaign team and sign up. Our protests against dog and cat cruelty in Asia are always peaceful. We bring animal cruelty to the attention of the public, the media and politicians.

The SIAM methode is the only way to track dog- and cat fur.

Since January 1st, 2009 it is illegal to import dog and cat fur. However, the law is hardly ever acted upon and is very often violated. We want to expose people who break the law without using violence.