Packaged dog meat with saus

In China and Korea enormous amounts of Dog –and Cat meat are being consumed. Also in Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines and Myanmar (former Soviet Union) dogs and cats are being used as food, but the consumption is a bit lower over there. Consuming Dog and Cat meat is a new phenomenon. The assertion that it is a part of the traditional kitchen is nothing less than a publicity stunt of the food industry. Dogs and Cats are simply an easy and inexpensive food source. In a lot of Asian countries the slaughtering of dogs and cats is practiced only for a few generations. Cats are mainly consumed in China, Korea and parts of Indonesia.

The estimated numbers of dogs that are used for consumption in 2008 lay between 13 and 16 million (source: Animal People); for Cats the numbers were about 4 million. It is forbidden to eat Dog meat in Hong Kong, South Korea, and the Philippines. Despite the ban, the numbers of slaughtered Dogs grow each year.

Fried dog meat

The Dogs and Cats are purposely gruesomely mistreated before slaughter. It is believed that the suffering of the animals makes the meat taste better. But also if mistreatment is not intended, the killing methods stay very painful. Sources in China reveal that Dogs and Cats are being stabbed in the neck, thrown in boiling water or electrocuted, hanged or beaten on the head with a plank while still conscious.

There are a few contradicting myths about Dog meat.

In the summer Koreans eat Dog meat to cool themselves. In China they eat Dog meat to stay warm...