In 2005 a German Journalist Mark Rissi made a shocking undercover film about Chinese Fur farms. In this film you can see the gruesome living circumstances of the animals and you can see how these animals get skinned alive. In this documentary you can see how Raccoon dogs get skinned alive.

The Raccoon dog belongs to the dog family (Canidea). The Raccoon dog is a species that lives everywhere in China, Korea, Japan, and the North East of Russia. The fur of the Raccoon dog isn’t prohibited under the European ban on dog and cat fur, while still the Raccoon dog is a dog race. Our main concern is to stop live skinning of animals; we want to reach for the goal to ban also the fur of Raccoon dog in Europe.

Clothing with Raccoon dog fur is at the moment widely available
In the clothing collections for the oncoming fall and winter we signaled raccoon dog fur. Especially the fur trimmed hood is popular. The fur trim is not labeled as real fur, so it is often sold as faux or fake fur. Often the shop owner or even the supplier doesn’t know that they are dealing with real fur of live skinned Raccoon dogs.

Watch out! This movie contains terribly shocking images!

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We need volunteers

If you would like to actively help us, then contact our campaign team and sign up. Our protests against dog and cat cruelty in Asia are always peaceful. We bring animal cruelty to the attention of the public, the media and politicians.

The SIAM methode is the only way to track dog- and cat fur.

Since January 1st, 2009 it is illegal to import dog and cat fur. However, the law is hardly ever acted upon and is very often violated. We want to expose people who break the law without using violence.